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Carla had to leave her birth country, Angola, by the age of ten due of the civil war. With her parents they moved back to Portugal. “I think it was the first sign in my life, that I loved to travel”.


After a short stop in Portugal the family moved to Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, where Carla spent her teenage years and went to University.  By the age of twenty she independently moved to San Francisco, California. Where she spent the next three years enjoying as much as she could off the city and the surrounding area.

At some point she went back to Portugal where she raised her two daughters. After the 'financial crash'  the family was forced to move out of the country and the chosen city was London. Where her daughters went to University and she found a balanced life again. 


In 2018 Carla and her husband Simon set off to sail around the world on a Catamaran and documented their journey on a weekly programme on YouTube.

The channel grew quickly and turned out to be very successful with over 15,000 subscribers and over 4.500,000 millions views.Their  social media platforms has reached over 12 million followers.

Carla decided to study Social Media and is now credited on Fundamentals of Digital Marketing with Google.

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